ALE15 Kids Program

Our ALE2015 unconference will be offering a lot of fun and excitement for kids too! They will be able to experience different activities and learn new skills from the arts, technology, and business fields – all of this while still playing and having fun.Аt the end of each day, any inspired child (and we will organize this locally during the day) can share impressions from the day in a dedicated keynote in front of the whole audience!

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And here the details on what we offer for the 3 conference days

Day 1 - Artistic Workshop: Creating masks

We are welcoming our young guests with art activities that will boost their creativity and introduce them to the local environment.

Workshop Details
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Working language: English
  • No registration is required

Day 2 - Robotics Challenge: Building mobile platforms and controlling them using visual programing

The second conference day is dedicated to technology.

The workshop is designed to build essential knowledge and skills in a creative environment such as:

  • Planning and tracking progress using simple Kanban board
  • Understanding the key principles of robotics
  • Building and programing simple robotic systems
  • Effective team work
  • A lot of fun

Provided by: ESI Center Eastern Europe. For more information, see www.esicenter.bg and www.esirobot.org.

ESI Center Eastern Europe has evolved as the Regional Excellence Center for Eastern European and the Caucasus of the former European Software Institute (now Tecnalia Research & Innovation). ESI CEE has actively supported the development of increased ICT industry competitiveness, digital entrepreneurship, knowledge economy and society, with a specific focus on supporting small setting and enterprises, and mentoring startups.
Workshop details
  • Suitable for children aged 7-16, either with or without previous experience with mobile electronic platforms
  • Working language: English
  • Length: ~6 hours (with lunch break)
  • Registration required

Day 3 - Don't follow the leader. Develop yourself and BE the leader!

The last conference day wraps it up with a focus on business and leadership skills.

This practical workshop aims to unleash children’s talents to work in team, communicate and lead, all of this via team and strategic games for business development and management.

During the morning session children will have fun while learning how to communicate efficiently, present their ideas and work in a team. During the afternoon session teams will create and develop their own business ideas using gamification models and elements. At the end of the sessions, parents will be able to enjoy the presentations of the products that teams have created. We assure you – you will definitely learn from your children!

Provided by: www.leadersplay.com

"LeadersPlay" is a socially responsible company striving to disprove the ugly allegations regarding the education of our children. We believe that fundamental change should start from primary school.

We offer innovative and various educational courses on the Bulgarian market which aim to establish in our student body - from first graders to fourth graders skills which will be invaluable assets in their future development and personal growth. The methods which we, at "LeadersPlay" implement, are often called active educational methods a.k.a. - gamification, which we integrate in the educational process.

Workshop details
  • Recommended for children aged 7-12, but also suitable for children up to 16
  • Working language: English
  • Length: 2 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Registration required
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